How To Play 100 Pics Quiz

100 Pics Quiz is one of the hottest app trivia game to be released this new year of 2014! 100 Pics is available for Android and iOS devices iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad! 100 Pics has over 70 different categories to choose from–each with a 100 pics! And categories can be as simple as Logos…or as obscure as Dwellings…or as creative as I


Here’s how you play 100 Pics – You will pick a category. You must choose one of the Free categories (4 different categories to choose from that are Free), and play through it, so that you can accumulate enough coins to access other categories you want to play through. When you first start a level, you will notice that the picture is covered by 4 squares. You will have to click on one of the squares to see what the picture is; however, if you click on all four squares you will only receive 1 coin for when you correctly answer. So it is best to just use one square so that you can get 3 coins.


Blank spaces are below the picture–with a letter bank beneath it. When you have answered correctly, you will receive your coins and move on to the next puzzle in the level category you have chosen.If you find that you need help, 100 Pics has 3 different hint options to choose from – Reveal a letter, remove a letter, and ask someone on Facebook. But those hints will cost you a lot! Almost around 50 coins for just 1 hint. And remember you can either get 1 or 3 coins, so you will need to spend some real money if you want to use their hints!


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