Download 100 Pics Quiz!


100 Pics Quiz is a new picture reveal game from 100 Pics LTD. In this game, you’re given a picture that’s obscured by four tiles. Reveal the picture by tapping the tiles on your screen and use the provided letter bank to guess the word. This game is available for all iOS devices and is quickly climbing the charts.


Unlike other versions of picture-reveal  games, 100 Pics Quiz breaks their game into “packs,” each with a different category.  Every pack has 100 pictures. The game offers half a dozen packs for free and and 100 Pics Quiz has dozens of packs which you can purchase for 100 coins.


To earn coins, you can buy them in-game (100 coins will cost you $0.99) or you can play levels! For every reveal you use in-game, you lose 1 bonus coin. If you reveal all the tiles, you only get 1 coin for a correct answer while if you only reveal 1 tile, you’ll get 3 coins!

You’ll never get tired of this game because you can switch from Winter packs to Movie Stars to Board Games. There are thousands of levels for you to beat!