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100 Pics Quiz Answers Candy Level 41- 60

100 Pics Quiz Answers and cheats to all Candy levels 41-60 of the popular photo word game for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android.

100 pics answer cheat Mallo Cup100 pics answer cheat 3 Musketeers100 pics answer cheat Laffy Taffy
Mallo Cup3 MusketeersLaffy Taffy
Chcolate cups filled with rich, whipped filling.Malt nougat covered with chocolate, endorsed by Athos, Porthos, and DArtagnan.Chewy fruit-flavored candy with a joke under every wrapper.
100 pics answer cheat Red Hots100 pics answer cheat Sour Patch Kids100 pics answer cheat Chunky
Red HotsSour Patch KidsChunky
Small, spicy candies flavored with cinnamon.Gummy candy with a sweet inside, but an outside thats the exact opposite.Thick square chocolate bar with raisins and nuts inside.
100 pics answer cheat Pixy Styx100 pics answer cheat Razzles100 pics answer cheat Jujy Fruits
Pixy StyxRazzlesJujy Fruits
Straws filled with flavored sugar.A candy that changes into a piece of gum once its been chewed.Fruit-flavored gummy candy that may also taste like licorice or mint.
100 pics answer cheat Chuckles100 pics answer cheat Mary Janes100 pics answer cheat Heath
ChucklesMary JanesHeath
Jelly candies covered in sugar.Taffy flavored like peanut butter and molasses, with a peanut butter center.A chocolate-covered toffee bar from Hersheys.
100 pics answer cheat Dots100 pics answer cheat Runts100 pics answer cheat Jelly Belly
DotsRuntsJelly Belly
A particular kind of gum drop from Tootsie.Hard candy flavored and shaped like fruit.A brand of bean candy that comes in over fifty different flavors.
100 pics answer cheat Sixlets100 pics answer cheat Milky Way Dark100 pics answer cheat Lemonheads
SixletsMilky Way DarkLemonheads
Flavored like chocolate and covered in hard candy.A special version of a popular candy bar with dark chocolate and vanilla filling in place of milk chocolate and nougat.A popular candy bar made of nougat with a caramel topping and milk chocolate shell.
100 pics answer cheat Milky Way100 pics answer cheat Swedish fish
Milky WaySwedish fish
Gummy candy flavored like fruit and shaped like creatures of the sea.

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